The first rigid plastic batea equipped with a stainless steel defragmenter which quickly breaks down compacted material. The deep collection cup helps to keep the gold in the middle of the batea.

DEFRAGMENTER : Built in stainless steel it quickly breaks down compacted material to save your effort.
DEEP COLLECTION CUP : Helps keeping the gold in the center of the Batea.
HONEYCOMB DESIGN : Contoured vein for better grip and a higher level of rigidity.
LARGE DIAMETER : (50 cm – 20’’) Compatible for competition
GLASS FIBER COMPOSITE : Rigid construction, lighter than a steel Batea (800G VS 2KG)
BLUE OPTIMAL CONTRAST : Complementary to yellow, blue offers the best contrast with gold. The XP blue colour will help you to identify gold in the pan or the Batea.

How To Find GOLD With The New XP BATEA | Tutorial with Jean-Luc Billard – YouTube