The Elusive “Pocket Gold” of South Western Oregon

Product Description

The Elusive “Pocket Gold” of South Western Oregon

A Technical Guide:

Searching Techniques, History, Understanding Small Mine Workings and Geology,

Hard Rock Pan Testing, Metal Detecting advice for Hardrock Gold

and Most Important Where to go in Southwestern Oregon

by Tom (T.H) Bohmker

Newly Revised now 134 Pages!

Great Book! Includes:

What are surface pocket Gold Deposits & Pocket Mines?

How do these “Surface Pocket Gold” deposits form on or near the surface?

Different Types and examples of Hard Rock and Pocket Gold Deposits.

Understanding small mine workings, geology and safety

Examples of Gold Pocket Deposits & Pocket Mines

Searching Techniques for Pocket Gold & Hard Rock Gold Deposits – New and Old Methods

Tools and Techniques

Metal Detecting for Pocket and Lode Gold

Likely areas to prospect for Pocket Gold


Ashland to the California Border Pocket Gold Area

Jacksonville to Applegate Pocket Gold Area

Gold Hill, Sardine Creek Pocket Gold Area

Wolf Creek to Jump off Joe Creek Pocket Gold Area

Ilinois River, Josephine & Briggs Creek Pocket Gold Area

Galice to Cow Creek Pocket Gold Area

Canyonville, Silver Peak Pocket Gold Area

Other areas of Possible Pocket Gold

Research Strategies

Lots of other valuable information, maps, pictures, directions, to areas and much much more.