TDI Beach Hunter

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TDI Beach Hunter

Common VLF detectors, even multi-frequency ones, can struggle in strong mineralization or salt conditions. Thats where the power of Pulse Induction can help you find more treasure!

Specially-built for both the beach and the goldfields, the TDI BeachHunter offers extreme depth performance on land or sea. Waterproof to 25 ft., the TDI BeachHunter punches deep at the beach, in goldfields, or even in difficult relic areas like red clay. The adjustable Pulse Delay lets you set the machine up for maximum sensitivity to ne gold jewelry, small nuggets, and hammered coins at depth. Just set your ground balance, adjust your gain, and start swinging!

With the dual-tone audio users quickly learn the difference in sounds, and adjustable volume and threshold controls allow flexibility for different hunters preferences.

At only 5.2 lbs., the TDI BeachHunter is ready for action and an included hip and chest-mount pouch allows for users to customize the machine to their own hunting style. The included Heavy-Duty NiMH rechargeable battery extends the runtime to about 6 hrs., and the backup 8 AA battery pack means youre setup for long days in search of gold, silver, or relics.

The patented 12 Dual-Field search coil features two coils in one C a small, inner coil with higher sensitivity to small targets, and larger outer ring that punches deep into salt or other mineralization. Due to the fact that the coil is hard-wired, users may find this model offers increases sensitivity and stability compared to the TDI SL.

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