Keene’s New Air Compressor

Keene’s New Air Compressor – This is a update for 2014 on the KAC1 air compressor. Since we made the last improvements. We have not had a single failure on the bottom end of the air compressor. We have had a few top ends fail just from high usage. About 200 to 400 hours the cup seals wear out and need to be replaced. We had a few reed valves fail however this is also due to high usage and simple wear and tear. Overall we are extremely pleased with the compressor. The only problem from a manufactures stand point is cost of the bearing went about 10 times.

These are some pictures of our New and improved KAC Air Compressor.

We have totally redesigend the the KAC Air compressor.

New rod and bearing assembly.

New cylinder design.

New reeds for the head.

New reed plate.

New reed high temp silicon O ring seals.

New cylinder head design.

New improved lower Crank rod and bearing support.

New improved air snorkle

The new design is much easier to service and requires no specialty tools to service.

Tools needed for service

4 millimeter allen wrench to remove head bolt and cup seals

# 2 philips head screw driver to remove the fan shroud

5/16″ or 8mm socket to remove the screws on the bottom of the fan shroud.

A slotted screw driver with a 3/16 ” wide tip to change our the reed screws.

Some loctite #609 green or #262 red or equivalent to securer the 4mm allen bolt that holds the cup seals in place and the reed screws.


KAC alone does not come with the intake snorkel, as shown in the picture.

If you order the KAC1kit, then yes but otherwise it has to be purchased and that is part number KAS3.

KAC1kit includes the belt, Pulley, Air Snorkel (including intake filter) and Belt Guard.